Why & How to Journal

Benefits, How-To and Prompts

We often blog about journaling or touch upon some aspect of it in our blogs. Despite it being a well-known tool and easily available at everyone’s disposal, it’s underused. Journaling is an excellent tool to manage overwhelming emotions - it’s a healthy way to express feelings and work through them. Read on to learn more about why journaling helps, how to journal and a few prompts to give you an idea of how to get started.

How to start journaling, the benefits of journaling.

According to the University of Rochester’s Medical Center

Journaling can help to:

How to start journaling for anxiety.

How does journaling do this? 

Discovering the key to what is causing stress and anxiety in your life can be made more simple through journaling. Once you’ve identified the stressor, working on a plan to relieve the stress and possibly resolve the problem will be easier. 

Of course, journaling alone won’t solve all problems but paired with other healthy habits such as meditation, relaxation, exercise, a good diet, and enough sleep, it will be a beneficial tool.

How to journal

How to start bullet journalling.

 Here are some tips to get you started with journaling:

5 Reasons Journaling is So Powerful

Journal prompts for self-reflection.

Journaling Prompts for Different Occasions

Bullet journal prompts


Prompts for Emotions

Prompts to Help with Anxiety 

Journal prompts for anxiety